Sunday, 2 September 2012

Post-Payday Purchases

Yep, it was payday last week so I bought things. I thought I'd display them on my mannequin Betty for a change and I think it looks better than just hanging them up. I really need to find the finnial-thing for Betty - it's been misplaced in a move.

1950s Checked Dress from Pop Boutique - £30
First up is this lovely checked blue dress. I now have about 8 blue 1950s dresses - it's definitely the most common colour in my wardrobe. I'm still searching for that elusive purple 1950s dress though. I also have a lot of dresses with checks. It seems to hang a bit funny in this pic, but it's fine on.

 I love the buttons on this dress and it has sleeves - I'm on the lookout for more dresses with sleeves. There's no label to show you on this dress.
Maxi dress from Lili Bizarre - £15

Yay it's purple! I really like this maxi by Berketex. I think it's 1970s, but I tend to associate spots more with the 1960s, so I'm not too sure. It's quite thin cotton, but lined  in purple fabric.

Back View
 It also has a fabulous bow at the back.

Close-up of Bow

Berketex Label
The label is all crinkly so it was hard to photograph.

I also got another pretty maxi dress:

Floral Maxi Dress from Pop Boutique - £21.60 and one Luna

This dress is so sweet and I've wanted a pinafore-type dress for ages. This one reminds me of the 1980s cartoon Strawberry Shortcake.

Back View
It has a bow at the back too, but there isn't a brand label to show you, just a size label. It's quite thin cotton and only lined as far as the bodice, so I'll have to be careful what I wear underneath.
I'm rather pleased with my purchases, but again not sure when I'll get chance to wear the maxis with the weather and all. I've worn the 1950s dress to work already.
Apart from buying things, I've been getting a real back-to-school bug. Autumn really has that "new beginnings" feeling for me. I can practically feel it in the air. In the run-up to September, I always feel like I should be buying new stationery and starting new courses or projects.  I'd love to go to lectures again - proper ones in warm, dimly-lit rooms with a noisy slide machine- taking notes and filling my brain with fascinating stuff. I'm even missing writing and researching. If I had loads of money, I'd go and get another degree - I'm not sure what in though. There are so many things I wish I'd studied or kept up. I'd love to get back into French, or do Classics and I've got a bit of a hankering to learn Latin (my boss can speak Latin - I am in awe). I just want to learn things! I'm a bit stuck on what to do really - I've had a look at evening classes and I don't really fancy any of them., but I'll keep my eye out. 
Hrmm... what I should really do is sell things, so maybe I'll get on with that!
Nikki x


  1. Hello Nikki:
    Your blue and white check dress is simply super, as, of course, are the others too, and reminds us so much of those worn by our mothers during the summers of the 1950s.

    Yes, we also always have that sense of a new beginning with the arrival of September, most likely a legacy of school days, and so yesterday treated ourselves to a pile of new books, thus securing our autumnal read.

    Your cat, sneaking into a picture, looks lovely, so like one we used to have.

    Thank you so much for becoming a Follower - it is much appreciated.

  2. Gorgeous dresses, Nikki, the Berkertex maxi is my favourite. I think you are right, the shape looks 70s but the print seems 60s. Perhaps it was made in 1970! I bet you get tons of wear out of the 50s check frock, and the pinafore style maxi has a Laura Ashley look about it.
    Yes, September always has a back to school feel. Hope you find some course/study which interests you. Tell me about selling, I have a rail full of stuff to get on Ebay but I am struggling to shift much at the moment. xxxx

  3. Oh they are all absolutely LOVELY - I especially love the blue checked one and the lovely ruffles and the delicate floral print on the last one. Please model them for us!!! Sarah xxx

  4. O,I am swooning over all 3 frocks! Nicely shopped,they are just gorgeous!
    No idea what era the spotty one is,though.Poss late 60's?
    I'm with sarah,we need to see you flaunting them!
    O,I always love the idea of doing a course,but always forget about it!!
    I love that the opportunity is there,it's just a matter of going for it!XXX

  5. That first blue dress is so sweet! And so are all of these frocks :) You make nice findings :)

  6. Oh my goodness the blue and white large gingham is prefect!!!! So pretty. Can't wait to see you wear her.
    Love v

  7. I love all of these, but especially the checked one and the pinafore style one.
    I know exactly what you mean about September, though I do pity the children who have a hard time in school so dread going back.

  8. The Berketex and frilly pinny dress are beautiful and I BET YOU LOOK LOVELY IN THE FIRST ONE, TOO! Whoops - caps lock!! Didn't mean to shout! xxx

  9. you sound like me! Autumn always feels more like a time to start new things than 1st January! I love all those dresses, purple was so big in the late 60s and the bow is just divine. Everyone needs a purple maxi dress! I love the little house of the prairie style one, I'd float around the garden in that one. And the 50s one! perfect with a pinny for baking and listening to radio 4!

  10. Hi Nikki,
    Catching up on blog reading again. The maxi dress with dots is a great find, the style looks very flattering to any shape. And the check dress is so cheery.

    I, too, know what you mean about the 'back to school' feeling and how it makes you want to stock up and start projects. I've been on a mini buying spree. My local thrift store offers 25% off to anyone with a university ID during September, so I have been going every day. Can't resist that kind of a discount! Even when it means I'm just stocking up on clothes to cut up and make things out of.

  11. What great finds. I love the blue checked dress. That purple one is fantastic too. Maybe it's from the late 60s. I think they were starting to get into maxi dresses at the end of the 60s.