Friday, 7 September 2012

My 'Eiderdown Skirt'

Hello! Sorry it's been a bit quiet around here again lately - A and I haven't had a day off together in weeks and we've had lots of errands to run after work, so we've been making the most of what time we've had together in the evenings.

Anyway, an outfit post! I wore this yesterday. I've not worn this skirt in ages as I don't have much that goes with it - I really need to get some more tops in different colours as I have this trouble with a lot of my skirts. I do love this skirt - it reminds me of those beautiful vintage paisley-ish eiderdowns that I'm too poor to own. It is a bit on the small side now as I've put on weight since I last wore it and it is really quite uncomfortable, especially when I sit down (I actually had to unbutton it in work at one point). However I will let it turn me into sausages before I give it up as I heart it so much. 

Here it is:

Skirt - Oxfam Liverpool ages ago, but I remember it was £6.99
Top - Charity Shop (originally Dorothy Perkins)
Tights - Accessorize
Shoes - George
I'm not very good at outfit shots - I still hate having my picture taken and so usually look apologetic. A took this. We're struggling to find a good place to take outfit photos - A says the ones I do in the bedroom look shite, so here we are outside our bedroom door. I love our flat, but God the decor bores me - I wish we owned it so I could change it. I'm going to have to put posters on the door or something. The stuff on the floor by the way is a cat scratchy box that only Juno uses and a bit of string they play with that we didn't notice :). The flat is full of bits of string for them to play with - it comes tied around the veg box we get delivered each week. The books in the top right are all A's cookbooks.

But I digress... back to the outfit. The top is cute and I've been wearing it quite a bit on my jeans days. I'm still not entirely convinced it goes with the skirt. The trouble is the colours of the skirt look very different from further away. They're all primary colours, but look a bit subtler from afar. I think this is actually my only full circle skirt. Look - there's so much fabric;

This much fabric in fact:

And, look where it's from:

Label Porn
Good old Marks and Sparks! I don't know why I find that so surprising - maybe because it's so bright. I forgot to take a close-up of the pattern, but you should be able to see what I mean about the colours being much bolder up close from this pic.

I'm going to tail off here because I can hardly keep my eyes open. We've got a busy weekend ahead, including going to a wedding tomorrow and I'm going to a couple of Vintage Fairs on Sunday - Vintage Village in Stockport and The Vintage Fashion and Textiles Fair at the Crone Plaza in Speke. If you see me there say hello.
Have a lovely weekend whatever you're doing - I'll be back on Monday with lots of lovely purchases to show you and outfit pics. I will even try to smile in them.
Nighty night.
Nikki x


  1. Hello Nikki:
    Gosh, St Michael, that really does take us back a decade or two! The skirt is amazing. We love the vibrant colours and the bold print. As you say, it could easily make a number of different outfits by changing tops.

    You really have been working round the clock and it sounds as if the pace is not about to slacken just yet. May all your fairs bring record sales. Happy weekend!

  2. Wow that is a lot of skirt. Don't you feel like just doing a massive twirl in it. The fabric is lovely. You don't fully appreciate it in the full length shots. Lookin forward to seeing your vintage haul. Have a great weekend x

  3. That is one hell of a skirt, it's glorious! Like Lucy says, it was made for twirling and spinning around in.
    I think the top goes well with it actually - I found the exact same top in a charity shop and gave it to my friend as it was a bit small on me, but I liked it a lot.
    Your photos are fine, don't worry! It's good to see you modelling some of your lovely clothes, I'm not even looking at the background or the cat scratchy box or the string, I'm looking at gorgeous you!
    Enjoy the wedding. Are you selling at the fairs or going as a customer? Have fun! xxxx

  4. You can never have too much paisley! Great skirt and I like the top and red shoes with it, too. That spot is perfect for outfit shots. Are you using flash? I can only take photos in my apartment during a 2-hour window of time and only when it's sunny. I am curious what other bloggers do. I have to use a self-timer and 95% of my photos are unusable :( You've got a great spot there to get a full-length shot.

  5. I love that skirt!!The print and circular shape is divoon!!!The top is sweet as,and looks just lovely with the skirt!
    I too yearn to be rich enough to own those lovely old paisley eiderdowns!
    Believe it or not,I too was once uncomfortable in front of the I perk to attention whenever one is flashed in my general direction!
    You;re just gorgeous,as is your wardrobe!SQUEE!

  6. You look so pretty Nikki! I absolutely love that skirt! Colour matching can be a pain, I got a red blouse with white polka dots as I was convinced it would go with my skirt, but I had had a momentary lapse and submerged myself into absolute stupidity as I forgot how many shades of red there are and it clashed!

  7. This outfit is lovely on you Nikki, I think the top goes really well and I love the little red shoes with it. I always have problems matching skirts to my footwear, I never seem to get the balance right, I think it's me not the clothes to be honest! Hope you're having a great weekend. A wedding and vintage fairs sounds good fun. xx

  8. That skirt is so pretty and makes your waist look teensy! Keep at the outfit shots, you will get into your stride eventually, promise! x

  9. That label looks really old! It's a great skirt, keep it! Don't worry, everyone starts of unsure with their outfit shots! xxx