Monday, 17 September 2012

A Busy Weekend Part Two

The wedding we went to last Saturday was lovely and they had the most glorious day for it. It was my first Church wedding and just happened to be in the same church and on the same date that my Mum and Dad got married in 1979. It was pretty posh - the bride looked gorgeous and arrived in a horse and carriage and they had a choir at the service. I also got to see some people I hadn't seen since school and meet some lovely new people. It turns out that I am one of those people who cries at weddings - A called me a wuss. Oh well. This is what I, I mean we wore:

A and I at the wedding
Monet Dress - £45, from Lili Bizarre
Petticoat - £30, Rock n Roll Years on eBay
Love Seam Tights from Pamela Mann, via eBay
Gorgeous shoes that I can't walk in - £10 (down from £60) online years ago, I forget where from

Don't worry, I asked A if I could post these pictures!
We didn't take a camera, so I've nicked these off A's dad. This is only the second time I've seen A wear a suit - the last time was at our school prom 9 years ago! It's the smartest I've ever seen him look. Of course I had to wear my Monet dress again - there aren't many occasions I can wear it, so I make the most of them when they come along. I really love it and I always get compliments when I wear it - even the Vicar complimented me on this occasion! People ask if I've had it made as well, but it's 1950s vintage (or maybe early 1960s with that structure?). It doesn't have a proper brand label, just a tiny size label.
There isn't a photo of the cool tights I wore, but here's a stock pic of them:

Love Seamed Tights by Pamela Mann - Source
I thought they were appropriate for a wedding. I wore the same outfit later on for the evening do but with flat shoes and my Nan's fake fur shrug to keep warm.

I had such a lovely time and I'm super excited for the next wedding we're going to in October where A will be Best Man. I had no idea I was quite so soppy!

Take care,

Nikki x

P.S. For those of you who are interested in what we use to take pictures in the flat, I will give you a quick overview. My top tip is to go out with a photographer - it definitely makes things easier. A's degree is in photography and he has therefore got some quite nifty kit (including a studio lighting kit with umbrella lights and a large format 5x4 camera - but we don't use those, although A has just said the photos would look a lot better if we did!).

When A takes my blog pictures, he uses a Canon DSLR with a flash gun (usually bouncing it off the ceiling) and shoots in RAW, editing the files later using some sort of technical wizardry to sharpen, straighten them, sort the contrast, white balance and what not. When I take any photos, I use his camera with the flash gun, shoot in Jpeg and hope for the best. If I do edit them, it's just to crop them. Hope that helps!


  1. Hello Nikki:
    The 'Monet' dress really does look superb on you and we are not at all surprised to hear that even the Vicar complimented you on it! We think that possibly you may well have been in danger of upstaging the bride - what fun!!

    We certainly could do with a tutorial on taking pictures from A but think that he might tell us to start by buying a decent camera!

  2. The dress looks gorgeous on you, you look stunning, I'm not surprised you got complimented! Those stockings are too cool! I'm the absolute opposite, I feel like crying if I get invited to a wedding, they aren't my thing at all. I'm a disgrace to womanhood! x

  3. That Monet dress is just FRABJOUS!!!! Pamela Mann tights are great aren't they, I'm a convert too! I don't know why you don't wear that dress more often, so gorgeous on you.xx.

  4. That dress is beautiful on you Nikki, hope you get lots of opportunities to wear it, and those stockings are brilliant, really nice idea for a wedding.
    I love taking photos but I don't think I'd know where to start with a professional camera, I'd love to understand about apertures and exposures type stuff. xx

  5. OOoooh that dress is absolutely GORGEOUS! So glad you had such a lovely time - any chance of a pic of your Nan's faux fur?? Sarah xxx

  6. That dress is stunning! You look gorgeous. I should think you did get many a compliment. I'm with Vix on weddings...never do them, barely be bothered to turn up to my own in fact! But I'm very glad you had a great time.

  7. I love that dress! and those stocking are gorgeous.

  8. Of course you got compliments - have you SEEN you? You look so beautiful in that gorgeous dress. Sexy stockings too! xxx

  9. Hiya, sorry it's been so long, I have so many people to catch up with! You look amazing! (I cry at weddings too, and it turns out, Christenings as well. Does my bad-ass image no good at all!)