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Vegan Every Day Things

At the moment we're running out of Washing Up Liquid, this wouldn't be a big deal for most people, but as previously mentioned A is a vegan, so will not use any animal products and some vegan items can be quite difficult to get hold of - especially without spending a lot of money. We're struggling to replace the washing-up liquid as the places we normally buy it from have not had it in stock. This post is in no way designed to preach about veggie/veganism, I just thought other people might be in the same boat and might like to know what vegan products we use and where we get them from.

Cleaning Products:

We use Planet Clean for all our Laundry stuff and buy the Laundry Liquid and Fabric Conditioner. We also use their Multi-Surface Cleaner, and have used their Toilet Cleaner and Washing-Up Liquid. It's fairly cheap but only seems to be available from Wilkinsons or Asda, which we don't often go to. Wilkinsons also don't always have it in, so we stock up when we can and get people who go there more regularly to keep an eye out for us. Asda only seem to stock some of the range such as the dishwasher tablets and toilet cleaner but I can never find the washing-up liquid there. Planet Clean products are eco friendly and, unlike the more expensive but readily available Ecover products, are Vegan Society approved (Ecover have had their approval revoked due to using animal products in their testing). For some reason, I've never seen Planet Clean products in health food shops

Bio-D range - image from Bio-D Website

At the moment we're using Bio-D Washing-Up Liquid and Toilet cleaner. These seem to be around the same price as Planet Clean (whereas I think the rest of the range are more expensive in comparison), but have the advantage of being available in our local Oxfam shop, which is only a couple of minutes walk away (only this Oxfam seems to stock them though). The Washing-Up Liquid is about £2.20 for a litre and I think I prefer it to the Planet Clean one as it seems to be a bit foamier and keep the bubbles longer. The toilet cleaner was about £2.50 - when I first used it I thought it smelled really strongly of vinegar and sure enough the main ingredient is ascetic acid, so I don't think I'll buy it again because I might as well just use distilled vinegar spray which is cheaper. Bio-D seems to be available in most Health Food shops and you can buy them on Amazon too.


These tend to be easier to manage. Mostly we use Original Source and Lush shower gels, shampoos and soaps etc.
Original Source Range - Image Source

Most Original Source products are Vegan Society approved (the ones that aren't tend to have honey in) and are much cheaper than most other vegan products. They're normally around the £2.20 mark, but are frequently on offer. We usually buy ours in Home and Bargain or the 99p/£1 shops etc and don't often pay more than £1 per bottle. The shampoos and conditioners are often a bit harder to get hold of, but you can get the shower gels and handwashes in most supermarkets and shops. A loves the Tea Tree and Mint shampoo and I often use the White Pear and Avocado Shampoo and Conditioner which smells lovely. The Lime shower gel reminds me of jelly babies and we also love the Chocolate Mint one and the Vanilla Milk and Raspberry one too. On their website they have a Strawberry limited edition one which I'll definitely try to get hold of. We buy loads of their stuff because they always smell lovely, they're cheap and we know they're vegan.

Lush Vanillary - image from Lush Website

Lush stuff is amazing but I can't always afford their prices. I use their Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo and their American Cream conditioner but at £13.50 each for 500g, I can only buy them when I'm feeling flush - although to be fair they do last me quite a while. I adore the smell of American Cream and have had people comment on how nice it smells, assuming it's my perfume. I also love their Vanillary perfume and wear it nearly everyday and now I find normal perfumes a bit too artificial-smelling. I need to start using their Lip Balms again, The Honey Trap (not vegan, obv.) was a favourite and friends could tell when I had it on because of the smell and like American Cream and Vanillary, it has some vanilla in the scent (I do love vanilla). Also I use their 9 to 5 cleanser, Tea Tree Water toner and Imperialis moisturiser when I remember. They've stopped making The Soft Touch hand butter bar which was fantastic and really sorted out my hands when I was in Uni and the skin on my hands started to dry out and crack and even bleed due to the stuff I was working with and because I was washing my hands so much. It was the only thing that helped and didn't sting and it lasted for ages too - I've got quite a bit of a bar left luckily.

Another favourite of mine is Honey I Washed the Kids soap, which for obvious reasons isn't vegan, so I don't get it in case A uses it by accident (but I really want to). Currently we're using The Godmother soap which smells like sweeties.

Looking at the Lush website, I've now got a bit of a shopping list for when I next get paid!

Superdrug label all their own-brand products to say if they're suitable for vegetarians and vegans which is a bit of a godsend (why can't everyone label stuff as suitable or not suitable - it would make life so much easier!) as their stuff is cheap and easily available - we've a Superdrug within walking distance too. We get our toothpaste from here as toothpaste is one of the things we find a pain to get hold of - lots of them have glycerin in which may or may not be from animal sources. Also it's only about 50p-£1.00 depending on which one you get. We also get our deodorant from here too as other vegan deodorants often cost a lot more and can be a bit hit and miss

I'd also like to recommend Honest to Goodness on the Wirral where everything is vegan and the staff are lovely and super helpful. We spend a fortune whenever we go as we tend to get a bit carried away, but it's such a novelty to not have to meticulously check every ingredient 6 times before you put it in your basket!

I hope that helped those of you who may be in a similar situation and didn't bore the rest of you too much :)

Nikki x

P.S. This isn't a sponsored post, I just thought I'd share what we use in our house to help people out in the same situation.
Updated to add: Just found some shower gels in Aldi marked suitable for vegans from Abbot & Broome for 89p. Had a look at the rest of the range and not all of it is marked Vegan/ Vegetarian though.

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