Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My Guy Annual 1979

As promised, here are some Pictures from the My Guy Annual I bought recently. I showed it to A and he said exactly the same thing as I did - "Who is this aimed at?". It's pretty mental. If you click on each pic, it should embiggen so you can read the text.

My Guy Annual Cover

Weird TV Stuff and Martin Gordon (who?)

Dishy DJ?

That apostrophe is really annoying me - it's a clumsy title anyway

WTF? Also creepy

Some really odd pin-up choices in this Annual

Tips on avoiding pervs on holiday, basically

Jobs - not massively inspiring

More on jobs and a True Story about being mean

Does he Love You? Take this quiz and find out

Surely you don't need a quiz to work out who you fancy?



I know you're dying to find out the answer to "Can a Kiss Make you Pregnant?" Really, what age is this mag aimed at?

Wow! Billy Idol was young! Also, the Editor's reasoning behind the pin-ups...

...She has unusual taste

David Soul I know but he seems a bit erm, mature to be a pin-up in a teen mag. Dunno who Butch Wilkins is

Rod Stewart and David Essex I know of (obviously) but I don't get the fuss. Rod seems to be doing something odd with his lips and David's hair looks so tatty

Pete Frampton and Henry Winkler - the Fonz as a pin-up I understand but not Frampton

Andy Stevens and Nicholas Ball - no idea who these two are. Andy is quite the Androgyne, and Nicholas again seems an odd choice for a teen pin-up. Just googled him and apparently he was in his early 30s when this was taken, I thought he was older.

Oliver Tobias and Robert Powell - apparently Oliver is an actor, I know who Robert Powell is because he was in the Detectives.

Ian Mitchell - I dunno who he is but I'm guessing rockstar because he looks like he's on drugs. Also what a weird pose and what is he doing with his right hand? Google tells me he's in the Bay City Rollers, clearly he's after more of a bad boy image after all that tartan.

Really odd Photo story - there are a few photo stories in the annual but they're all very long.

It is a bizarre magazine isn't it? Sometimes the 1970s seem like a different planet.

Nikki x

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