Sunday, 10 June 2012

Another Vintage Weekend - Part Two

Today I decided to visit VintageVillage in Stockport and the first Vintage Home Show in Manchester. I was quite excited to visit Vintage Village as I’d heard (well, read) such good things about it and I was also looking forward to the Vintage Home Show as I love vintage home ware and it’s a side of vintage that really seems to be neglected in Liverpool, where vintage only seems to apply to clothing. For example, you don’t get much in the way of pictures, ceramics, glass, books or textiles in Liverpool shops or fairs, just the odd stall.
I coerced A into driving us and we went to Vintage Village first. It cost us £1 each to get in (I paid for the Mister of course as he had been pretty much forced into going :) ) and as soon as we were in I was giddy with excitement.
It was amazing! It was nearly all homewares, all reasonably priced and most of it was to my taste. I was in my element, so A wandered off to get a coffee and the paper and leave me to it, but not before we’d spotted our first purchase:

You can't see the 3D effect here, but trust me it is awe-inspiring
Would you just look at it? Isn’t it glorious? A 3D picture of the Last Supper! It made our day and we practically bit the vendor’s hand off for it. It cost us £17.50, which is testament to how much A loved it because he’s normally a tight arse, but he said it was worth every penny and more and he said it was worth the trip down here just to get it. It’s going straight into the Salon de Shite and we’re not entirely sure how we’re going to top it! I completely forgot to get the seller’s name or card though – I think they thought we were a bit mad because we were so excited about it. They had a Tretchikoff print, but that was out of our price range.

So after buying that, A took it back to the car and went to get his coffee and left me to my own devices. For a fair I loved so much, I didn’t get a great deal, just this sweet little deer brooch (I love Marcasite), and a book by H E Bates.

Marcasite Deer Brooch - £8.50
 It's so cute, I'm building up quite a collection of marcasite jewellery now.

When the Green Woods Laugh by H. E. Bates - £2.50

I’ve got another book from the Darling Buds of May series in the same edition and I love both the stories and their covers. This is from the 1950s as is my copy of "A Breath of French Air" - I'll have to try and do some research on the illustrator.
I had such a good time – there was a lovely atmosphere and it was bustling, the sellers were really friendly and I was really impressed by the quality of their stock. I also learnt a few things, including one of the sellers dating my brooch for me (apparently it’s Edwardian, I had no idea). Also, there were quite a few visitors dressed in beautiful vintage clothing as well as the vendors, which I do love to see. There was even a Vegan option at the cafĂ© part, so we had spinach and chickpea stew for lunch.

The only slightly negative thing about this fair was that some of the aisles were a bit narrow, which they probably can’t help too much due to the nature of the hall, but everyone was polite and worked around it, so it wasn’t too big of a deal.

So, after lunch and one last sweep of the hall with A in tow, we headed over to the Vintage Home Show in Victoria Baths in Manchester and paid our £3 to get in. Looking at the marketing and the specialist nature of the show, I was sure that much of this show was going to be quite high-end and probably out of our price range and I was right. I’m not saying the prices were extortionate or even expensive, they weren’t – the stock was excellent quality and was priced accordingly. We really liked a lot of the furniture, but it was beyond our budget and we didn’t see anything within our means that we loved enough to take home, although we liked a great deal. I did expect it to be bigger than it was though, but it was an excellent show with a great atmosphere and the venue was stunning – we spent just as much time looking around the Baths’ myriad rooms as we did the stands, cursing ourselves for not bringing a camera and me stroking the Art Nouveau Tiles. We’re definitely going to go back and do a guided tour one day and take lots of pictures and we'll definitely be back to the Vintage Home Show too.

After this show, we were pretty shopped-out so we headed home and vegged out for a bit and debated where exactly the Last Supper should go in the Salon de Shite and whether it might need fairy lights on it.

I hope you’ve had an enjoyable weekend too, with lots of lovely things and treasure.

Nikki x

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